2010 Mobile Media Consumption Report Results Released: Handmark Reports on Mobile Media Category Trends, Spending Habits and Popularity of Mobile Among American Consumers Over the Past Year

Daily Dog, 12/8/10

Handmark, a developer of mobile applications for publishers and media brands, this week announced the results of its comprehensive, nationwide Handmark Mobile Media Consumption Report. Key highlights of the report for marketers are the rise of mobile over the desktop web and other traditional news mediums as the preferred method to access news and information, and the increasing popularity of using mobile to make purchasing decisions. “As we move into 2011, we will continue to see these trends rapidly accelerate and consumers relying even more heavily on their mobile device as the primary source for accessing news and information,” said Paul Reddick, Handmark CEO.

Some of the most notable findings from the Handmark Mobile Media Consumption survey include:

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