How Much Will You Spend on Social-Media Marketing Next Year?

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Ad Age, 12/8/10

Haven’t a Clue? It’s OK, You’re Not Alone, and Here’s Why

Next year, 80% of companies with 100 or more employees are expected to use social-media tools for marketing, up from 73% in 2010 and nearly double the usage rate in 2008, according to eMarketer. Surely that means big budget increases for next year, right?

In some cases the answer is yes. But for a lot of marketers, the budgeting question is getting harder to answer, not easier. If there’s one thing I learned from researching my new report on “Social Media in the Marketing Mix,” it’s that many marketers have no idea how much they’re budgeting on social — or no good way to tabulate it. Here’s why:

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