AdweekMedia Forecast 2011

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Adweek, 12/12/10

Our editors take a look at what’s ahead in key industry sectors


If 2010 was a year of digital innovation, in the form of iPad apps and online paywalls, 2011 will be one of continued tinkering. Publishers will test tablet subscription offers and metered paywalls as they recognize the need to offset shrinking ad revenue and increase their haul from consumers. Four of the biggest magazine companies start the year off with new leadership, raising expectations for transformation at a high level. Expect to see the continued expansion of marketing services, deeper integration of print and digital sales, and creation of digital products driven by consumer needs—steps many would call long overdue. “The biggest thing that needs to happen is a lot of listening to what the client wants, listening to what the consumer wants,” says Carolyn Dubi, svp, director of print at Initiative. “It brings us toward the golden ticket, which is about performance.”


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