The Future Is Relevance

ClickZ, 12/14/10

After attending the Web 2.0 conference a few weeks ago, it’s clear that the future is about relevance. Digital marketers today are discussing several memes, including curation, personalization, and social filtering of digital experiences. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggests (and I’m paraphrasing) that people will soon look at the world through the lenses of other people. Such a lens is required, as people now create user-generated content online at a pace that outstrips our ability to read it.

Furthermore, there is a growing fragmentation of where our eyeballs spend time – from smartphone, to tablet, to Web, to TV, and other digital displays. From Google to Twitter and Facebook. From websites to apps. Gaining relevance requires filtering this content based on context of audience and distribution. Fortunately, attributes in the content itself – including the profile and social graph of the originator of the content – give us the opportunity to narrow the content’s aim and achieve relevance for specific audiences.

Relevant content harvested and curated from the masses, and brought to the masses across various experiences, will deliver engagement. And it’s engagement that opens the door to real business and financial results.

Let’s look at some examples of how curated, relevant social content can impact real metrics.

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