NCDM 2010: Aligning sales and marketing teams important

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BtoB Daily News, 12/15/10

Telephone and Data Systems, a telecommunications service company, knows what happens when sales and marketing aren’t aligned: Things go south quickly.

That was the message delivered by Jennifer Stearns, formerly manager-commercial promotions for TDS Telecom, a provider of business telephone systems, at 2010 NCDM, the annual expo and conference of the National Center for Database Marketing last week.

“In response to naysayers from sales, we would sometimes go dark with our marketing program and say, ‘Let’s see what happens,’ ” said Stearns, who currently is manager-marketing operations at Accenture.” As a result, sales would instantly drop 30% in that time period, and we’d quickly get calls from sales asking, ‘How fast can we get that program up again?’ ”

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