IDG introduces the Nanosite: a microsite contained within an ad unit

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian.

Media Business, 12/16/10

Custom mini websites known as microsites allow advertisers to make available much more content, in a range of media types, than could ever fit into a digital ad.

But IDG Strategic Marketing Services is trying to change that with its new Nanosite offering. Using ClickTurn, the advertising technology arm of Widgetbox, IDG SMS has shrunk the microsite concept down to the size of an ad unit — without losing those multimedia capabilities or breadth of content.

Jeremy Rueb, VP-program development for IDG SMS, a unit of IDG Communications, said, “The Nanosite has a lot of the functionality you would have with a microsite on a landing page, but we’re delivering it through an ad banner placement.”

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