Technology Buyers and Marketers Agree

IDG News Release, 12/17/10

Trusted Content Sites and Social Media Key Information Sources

A survey of technology buyers and marketers in six countries shows common interests and preferences when it comes to digital media. In an IDG Research Services online survey last September, 75% of the buyer respondents rely on technology media sites, 55% tech-related print publications, 45% tech vendor sites, and 41% tech-focused communities and discussion forums. When searching for information, 83% of the respondents said they are more likely to click on a link from a familiar “trusted” source.

Technology marketers reported that 41% of their digital spend is on branded content sites followed by search at 24% with ad networks close behind at 21%. Looking ahead to 2011, of the 100 marketers and agency professionals surveyed, on average tech marketers expect 52% of their 2011 media budgets will go to digital with 63% expecting a modest increase in media spend compared to 2010.

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