Tablets, 4G and auto-tech to lead next week's CES

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IDG News Service (Tokyo Bureau), 12/30/10

The world’s biggest tech show kicks off next week in Las Vegas

You don’t need superhuman precognition to know what will be big at next week’s International Consumer Electronics Show: tablet computers. Companies have been rushing to catch Apple’s iPad since it went on sale in April, and at CES 2011 tens of new tablet computers are expected to be launched.

“Clearly, the iPad was really the new Genesis for the tablet category, and I think what that product has shown is that it really resonates with consumers,” said Steve Koenig, director of industry analysis at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), in a recent interview. The CEA stages the International Consumer Electronics Show

Many of the tablets will be based on Google’s Android operating system, which has already stolen a lead on Microsoft in the tablet space. Microsoft has yet to offer a dedicated tablet OS, although Steve Ballmer is tipped to show devices running its prototype tablet software during his keynote speech on Jan. 5.

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