Forecast: Search Revenue To Jump By 20%, Buoyed By International Growth

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MediaPost, 1/3/11

An 18% rise in global paid-search query volume should help revenue grow by 20% in 2011, compared with 18% year-on-year revenue growth in fiscal 2010, according to a report released Monday from J.P. Morgan. The analyst firm believes opportunities for paid search in the international market will become more significant than in the U.S.

The market in the United Kingdom remains at par or ahead of the U.S. market, but the development of the overall international paid-search market is still more than two years behind the United States. While J.P. Morgan analysts expect the U.S. to experience 12% year-on-year query growth in 2011, international markets will see a 19% lift. The firm’s estimates put paid-search revenue growth at 25% to $25.7 billion.

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