9 Ways B2B Companies Can Use Location Based Services

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Social Media B2B, 1/4/11

Many marketers look at Location Based Services (LBS) as being a consumer-focused marketing tactic. Consumers check in, and in return, receive offers (sometimes), get to see what their friends are doing and can enjoy a gaming aspect by receiving badges, collecting items or other rewards.

What many marketers fail to see is the value of the data being aggregated by location based services. LBS data can allow marketers to see what their contacts are doing beyond the interaction with their brand. To date, this opportunity has been minimal at best. You may gather some of this information through focus groups, surveys or social media monitoring, but LBS offers a much more complete picture than ever before. Of course you may need permission or user authentication to access this data, but LBS users may be willing to provide this in exchange for rewards or more personalized offers.

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