HOW TO: Get the most out of mobile marketing

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B2B Marketing, 1/14/11

When the history of digital marketing is written (typed, orally narrated into Word 2020 or downloaded from the author’s cerebral cortex), special mention will be given to mobile. Partly as it’s the slowest to have found its virtual feet (I built my first WAP site in ’99) and partly, and more significantly, because it marks the web’s final flight from its desktop nest into the big wide world.

Yes another web revolution is upon us (making this 3.0, 4.0? I’m struggling to keep up). One that puts the web in the palm of the customer’s hand. Electrifying a proposition as this is, it is also daunting. Customer product insight, the demand for brand responsiveness, a serious social media presence and message rendering issues will be as never before and it will be the marketer with the plan, who will ultimately reap the rich rewards on offer. And to help you become that marketer here are a few simple steps to mobile marketing heaven:

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