Ad Formats, A Change Is Gonna Come

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ClickZ, 1/13/11

Last year marked the introduction of numerous new ad units from publishers and technology vendors eager to improve online advertising for consumers and their clients. Every fresh option is built with profitability in mind, of course, but there’s more to it than that. Typically, such trailblazers share four common goals: to improve the user experience, to provide brands with the ability to produce more engaging and more valuable ads, to make metrics make sense, and to draw more brand advertising dollars to the Web.

They are goals shared by another party with a vested interest in online ad units: the IAB, the organization that for years has been analyzing the state of the marketplace on an annual basis to determine which ad units are worthy of inclusion in its Ad Unit Guidelines. In 2009, something changed. The IAB formed the “Reimagining Interactive Advertising” initiative to include the input of agency leaders in addition to creative agencies and publishers. In other words, to leverage the wisdom of the crowd.

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