IDG TechNetwork Launching Ad Exchange for Tech

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian.

Min, 1/13/11

With a tech ad network that reaches 90 million unique users worldwide each month, IDG’s TechNetwork is moving to the next stage of ad technology sophistication. The company announced this week it will launch a private ad exchange dubbed Tech Media Exchange that will allow marketers, agencies and demand-side platforms to assemble audiences via real-time bidding across its sites. A beta program will start next month and include 500 sites in the TechNetwork. The inventory will be offered to the trading desks and demand-side platforms that have emerged in recent years at agencies. This new ad economy aggregates inventory and user data among many sites around the Web to match ads to specific audiences. According to IDG, the system will help publisher partners get the best price for their inventory and also maintain control over the way their pages are used by advertisers.

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