Is b2b marketing really obsolete?

BtoB, 1/17/11

Three prominent ad agency execs debate the proposition

Last month, Rick Segal, worldwide president of GyroHSR, gave a speech in Berlin in which he stated b2b marketing is obsolete—made so by the rapid rise to prominence of smartphones and other mobile devices that have changed the way business decision-makers work. No longer, Segal claimed, do businesses market to other businesses but to individuals who are shifting continuously from at-work to at-home states of mind throughout the day.

BtoB asked Segal and two other prominent b2b ad agency executives—Gary Slack, chairman of Slack & Co., and Tom Stein, president of Stein Rogan+Partners—to discuss the changes occurring in how businesspeople consume information and what those changes mean for marketers. Below is an edited transcript.

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