Straighten out your content for great ‘news feed optimization'

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BtoB, 1/12/11

One of the big mistakes I often see companies make when they are setting up a page on Facebook is spending more time “planning the wedding than they do the marriage,” as I like to say. In other words, they spend all of their effort in getting the page perfect and having it be in compliance with their corporate guidelines, but they have no real plans for how they are going to grow their base of fans with rich, engaging content.

I often suggest to companies to put at least the same amount of time into identifying possible content for the site, and planning how they’re going to create it on an ongoing basis, as they do in the planning and design of the site itself.

And what kinds of responses do I get in return? You’re be surprised: things like, “No problem. We already make tons of content—you know, things like brochures, fact sheets, data sheets, Web pages, case studies and so forth.”

Oh my. That’s not the kind of content I meant.

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