How B2B Marketers Can Raise the Effectiveness of Their Content

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Content Marketing Inst., 1/20/11

The Content Marketing Institute just released the B2B Content Marketing 2010: Computing/Software Industry Report, representing the experiences of 121 computing/software firms, mainly in the small- and mid-size business category.

In general, marketers in these organizations expressed dissatisfaction when it came to the effectiveness of the top 10 content tactics used to achieve the key goals of lead generation, brand awareness, thought leadership and lead management/nurturing. Taking a look at what these marketers cited as their biggest content marketing challenge might help us unravel the reason for this confidence gap. These marketers said they struggle most with:

Producing engaging content (41%)
Producing enough content (25%)
Budget to produce content (16%)
Lack of executive buy-in (9%)
Producing a variety of content (6%)

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