2011 Agency Predictions

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Forrester, 1/24/11

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen some dramatic shifts in the agency landscape. In what Forrester has dubbed as “The Great Race For Relevancy”, virtually every type of agency is now competing with each other like never before. Social media has become the great land grab and all just about all agencies are claiming to be “digital” in some ways. We don’t expect the agency landscape to shake out and make sense in 2011. In fact, we expect more dramatic shifts. Here are some agency predictions for this year:

Agencies continue to hire and develop talent outside of their heritage. In 2010 some interactive agencies like Razorfish and EVB began hiring“earned media specialists” while some PR agencies like Waggener Edstrom and The Horn Group built out interactive creative services. Meanwhile, some agencies with traditional creative heritages like Weiden + Kennedy, were pioneers in developing content that is truly agnostic to digital and traditional channels while also interactive (see Nike and P&G’s Old Spice). Expect to see these trends become mainstream in 2011.

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