Microsoft's Top Marketer Talks Kin, Kinect and New Ad Partners

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Ad Age, 1/24/11

On the Eve of a $1B Media Review, Mich Mathews Explains Her View of Changing World

LOS ANGELES ( — What is Microsoft, which has just thrown its $1 billion media account into review, looking for in an agency partner? Less tech support and more collaboration on big ideas for starters, said marketing chief Mich Mathews.

The same week Microsoft placed its choice account into review, Ms. Mathews raised eyebrows in the ad world with remarks made during a panel at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Speaking about the cost and time effectiveness of first-to-market campaigns like its ad on a Vanity Fair iPad app during last summer’s World Cup, Ms. Mathews expressed concern over the long process through which it took her and her agency partners to execute.

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