B2B Social Networking Around the Globe

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Social Media B2B, 1/26/11

Last year I spent about a month examining the B2B social space across the globe. For context, I head up social media at a B2B software + services company, and we sell our products globally. As we’re entering this space, we know that what works on Facebook here in the US might not work on Facebook in Germany, and surely won’t work on Facebook in China, because it can’t (readily) be accessed.

So, what’s a marketer to do? I set out to answer: what are the popular social channels (not just ‘the big three’) in certain regions of the world? I shared those answers with my coworkers so they could begin to tailor their messages and interactions appropriately. A good strategy dictates not only what you should do and where you should spend your time, but also what you shouldn’t do and where you shouldn’t spend your time.

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