Worry Not, Obama: GE's "Global Innovation Barometer" Puts U.S. on Top

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Fast Company, 1/26/11

A survey with 1,000 executives worldwide places the U.S. well ahead of runners-up Germany and Japan. The execs push for individual creativity, small businesses, and local needs.

Last night, in his State of the Union address, President Obama used the word “innovation” nine times and called on Americans to “out-innovate…the rest of the world.” According to GE, we already do.
A new GE-commissioned survey offers what the company calls its “global innovation barometer.” After interviewing 1,000 top execs worldwide, the firm GE hired to conduct the survey found that the United States is already seen as the leader in innovation (with Japan and Germany a comfortable distance behind). The survey also found that while innovation was needed globally, executives believe individual creativity will drive innovation, and that innovation must be tailored to fit local needs.

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