Media Dealmakers Summit: "The Web Is Dead"

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Panelists say torch has passed to the “app Internet.”

Folio, 2/3/11

New York–There was a question during the morning session today at the DeSilva + Phillips Media Dealmakers Summit that crystallized what a lot of people are thinking about the future. “Are tablets and e-readers the future of media?”

For George F. Colony, CEO of Forrester Research, the answer was simple: “Yes. These devices are the nexus of media.”

The question came from Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, media editor of the Financial Times, who was moderator of a panel called “Tablets, E-Readers and the Future of Media.” He posed it to three panelists: Colony; John Ridding, CEO of the Financial Times; and Vivian Schiller, CEO of NPR.

While Colony’s response raised a few eyebrows, considering his audience was largely print-based media company executives and their financial sponsors, and considering that Forrester is one of the world’s best-respected technology forecasting firms, it got even more provocative from there.

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