What Obstacles Are Preventing Greater Digital Investments?

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eMarketer, 2/3/11

Still room to grow in digital

Digital and interactive is not the No. 1 priority for companies when it comes to advertising. That position still belongs to TV, and a majority of advertising agencies feel there are several obstacles in the way of changing that.

STRATA, a software company for media buying and selling, polled agencies about their clients’ preferences in Q4 2010. Spot TV is still the top advertising medium, with 44% of respondents saying it was the area where their clients were most focused. Internet and digital came in with 21%.

Clients are still turning to traditional advertising methods, but they are open to incorporating social media and digital and interactive tactics. Sixty-one percent of advertising agency respondents said they used social media as an online marketing tactic in Q4, and 78.9% reported using Facebook as a part of client campaigns.

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