Are We Putting the Data BEFORE the Horse?

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MediaBizBloggers, 2/3/11

Coming from a Search Engine Marketing background, I have always considered myself a “data purest”. Meaning that I simply can not fathom developing a media strategy, solidifying a budget allocation, or optimizing a media plan without having proper data backing up my recommendations. And lets be clear, when I talk “data” I am not talking about a Nielson or comScore report that was published 3 months after the fact…I am talking about real-time data and analytics that allows us to make actionable decisions on a daily basis, outmaneuver the competition and consistently drive increased ROI for our clients.

We are currently at the intersection of a very interesting time in advertising. Due to recessionary pressures over the past two years, and a considerable change in consumer behavior (yes it is FINALLY the year of MOBILITY…thank you Apple and Google), clients are demanding that agencies account for every single dollar that they spend in market. Given my background you would think that I would be pumped to ride this tide of accountability and data centricity. You bet I am, however I am skeptical as to whether we truly know how to handle this new environment to make the best decisions for our clients.

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