Tablet Time-Shift: iPad Leading ‘Jailbreak’ from Desktop Media

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Min, 2/7/11

The tablet device may become the DVR of digital content, and it may have just as profound an effect on print and online content as that groundbreaking time-shift tool had on TV viewing and programming. According to content sharing and saving tools maker ReadItLater, people are getting in the habit of saving content during the workday to peruse in the evenings on their iPad. Mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones, seem to have become time-shifting tools for people overwhelmed by new information during the day.

Charting 100 million articles saved across its available platforms (Web, iPhone, iPad), the company found that, not surprisingly, users of ReadItLater were encountering new content throughout the day and saving it for later reference. But for users of the company’s programs on computer, retrieving this saved information tended to occur also fairly evenly throughout the day, with surges at midday and in the evening.

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