It's About Relationships, Not Campaigns

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ClickZ, 2/9/11

Campaigns are a critical part of the day-in-a-life of all e-mail marketers. Many organizations organize their e-mail marketing teams by campaign, giving a campaign manager responsibility for a specific program and the results that the program drives. In large organizations with complex products and customer relationships, you may find four to six campaign managers responsible for contributions to revenue and the customer experience.

Many businesses have invested in multi-channel campaign management systems, giving them the ability to execute campaigns across e-mail, direct mail, and the Web seamlessly. We classify our campaigns as transactional, promotional, and experiential, among others. When we look at reports, we often compare campaign performance against previous campaigns or similar programs running in parallel. While this focus on campaign management has made e-mail one of the most profitable direct channels in the marketer’s arsenal, it has clouded our view of something more important: relationship management.

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