Big Brand Publishers Jumping Into Data-Driven Ad World – With Controls – At AdMeld Partner Forum

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian., 2/11/11

Whoa, who are these people?

Big brand publishers are increasingly talking with both knowledge and foresight on the date-driven digital ad space -and they’re putting strategies in place to drive take advantage of the auction model for their inventory.

At yesterday’s well-attended, AdMeld Partner Forum in New York City, the featured publisher panel was led by former Time Inc. and current AdMeld exec Jason Kelly. Panelists included CBS Interactive’s Zack Rogers, NBC Universal’s Nick Johnson, Fox News’ Jeremy Steinberg and Kelly’s former boss, Kirk McDonald, who offered his perspective after recently leaving Time Digital.

In general, the steady proliferation of the private ad slot and private exchange models seem to be changing the tide for many big brand publishers who had been leery of the exchange space –or at least have been in perpetual “test” mode.

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