New IDC Government Insights Reports Highlight Top Vendors of IT Government Services and Top IT Vendors by Federal Agency

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Business Wire, 2/15/11

IDC Government Insights today announced the availability of two new reports, Vendor Assessment: Top 25 IT Services Vendors Tell a Larger Story – Government Datacenter Consolidation (Document #GI226454) and Top Federal Government IT Vendors by Agency – 2009 (Document #GI226808). The studies are designed to assist government agencies in identifying key vendors for an IT consolidation project and to help vendors gain market share as agencies move toward shared services and cloud solutions.

System and Data Center Consolidation Spurs Demand for Systems Integrators

The federal CIO has ordered departments and agencies to reduce the total number of datacenters by as much as 40% through 2013. As a result, many government IT facilities are currently working to combine their datacenter operations. This has fueled a strong demand for vendors with a very specific set of IT systems integration skills.

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