Tech Marketers Want To See ROI For Their Media Spend

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MediaPost, 2/16/11

A new global research initiative by IDG Research Services to gain insight into tech marketers’ marketing/media spending plans and priorities for 2011 finds that 63% of marketing decision makers report a modest increase in media spending from 2010 to 2011. 6% expect a significant increase and only 10% report any contraction in spending in 2011. Global decision makers are significantly more likely to forecast an increase in spending than those with regional or local responsibilities.

39% of the respondents noted that their scope of decision making is global, covering multiple countries in more than one region, 31% have regional responsibilities, with involvement in multiple countries within a single region, and 30% have a local, single country focus. Annual media spending averages $6M (USD) among tech vendors surveyed and $10M (USD) among participating agencies.

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