Are Agencies Doomed? DSPs And The Future Of Advertising

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MediaPost, 2/24/11

It is fascinating to me that large agencies are investing so much in their own demise.

It’s no surprise that agencies are leery of crowd-sourced creative. Agencies whose secret sauce is the perception that big clients need expensively produced TV commercials, that only they can make, find it very disconcerting that someone might replace them with a post to a site where hundreds of wanna-be TV directors will be inspired to create a commercial for a few hundred or even a few thousand bucks.

But, agencies are investing in so-called demand-side platforms, DSPs, for the real-time, auction-based purchase and management of advertising media across networks. These networks can only lead to the enabling of smaller, even one-person, shops being able to compete on a level playing field with the big, bloated, agencies that helped created the commoditized media environment in the first place.

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