Google Survey Reveals Rapid Rise in RTB

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Digiday, 2/24/11

Real-time media buying represents a true sea change in the way digital media is transacted in today’s advertising marketplace, and it looks like the first wave will come to shore in 2011. According to a joint study by DIGIDAY and Google of 317 digital media buyers, sellers and traders, media buyers looking to buy display ads in real time this year will increase by nearly 16 percent compared with 2010 (rising from 75.5% to 87.8%.)

Nearly a quarter of the media buyers represented in the survey carried the title CEO, Founder, GM, Global Director, SVP or other C-level job description, with ground-level buyers representing another 15% of the mix. Media directors or SVP media weighed in at 11%, CMO/Marketing Director or other promotional execs represented 16% of the sample, and senior creative directors, ad operations, IT and platform specialists rounded out the mix of respondents.

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