Mobile Marketing: Still Hit and Miss

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Digiday, 2/24/11

During his keynote presentation at the DIGIDAY: MOBILE APPS conference in Los Angeles on Thursday, Avi Zimak, the advertising director for tablet media at Hearst Magazines, elicited more than a few chuckles when he showed a 1996 “Today Show” clip of hosts Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric asking an off-camera crewmember what the Internet was.

Talk to conference panel members and attendees, and one may get to the conclusion that professionals ranging from advertising executives to applications developers are no less clueless when it comes to taking advantage of the rapid growth of mobile communications almost one year into the iPad era.

“We are living in the Wild Wild West of technology again with the tablet,” said Zimak, who showed off tablet-ready interactive versions of Hearst publications such as Esquire and O, The Oprah Magazine. “The trajectory of where this space is going is nothing like we’ve ever seen.”

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