Ad Industry Group Picks Bigger Online Ads in Hopes of Attracting TV Dollars to Web

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Ad Age, 2/28/11

Get ready for bigger online ads — everywhere.

In an effort to lure more lucrative brand advertising dollars to the web, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) anointed six new online ad formats Monday at its Leadership Conference in Laquinta, Calif. The ads were designed and chosen to play to marketers’ calls for the bigger and more noticeable messages that in many ways is similar to TV advertising.

Last year, the IAB announced a competition to revise the look of online advertising, and recently chose six new ad designs out of 36 entries submitted by 24 companies. The winning ads are all fairly large and include many high-resolution and interactive elements, such as movie trailers and videos, games, quizzes and shopping modules. But despite their larger sizes, the ads were crafted to play alongside publishers’ content, and so do not send readers off the native page if they choose to click on the ad. The winning entries come from AOL, Unicast, Google, Pictela, Genex and Microsoft.

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