4A's Panelists Encouraged by FTC's Stance on Industry Self-Regulation

But ANA’s Liodice Says Agency Does Not Have a ‘Workable Definition’ of What Constitutes Tracking

Ad Age, 3/9/11

Bob Liodice, president-CEO of the Association of National Advertisers, today said he was encouraged by the Federal Trade Commission’s stance on self-regulation as it pertains to privacy and the ad industry, but was ultimately dismayed at the agency’s position on behavioral tracking.

Mr. Liodice, who spoke during the last panel of the 4A’s Transformation Conference in Austin, Texas, was referring to comments made by David Vladeck, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Addressing concerns over consumer privacy and protection in an era of online data collection, Mr. Vladeck said the FTC is in favor of industry self-regulation, adding that consumers should be able to opt out of behavioral marketing and data collection, similar to the national Do Not Call list. The FTC’s proposed “Do Not Track” effort affects marketers that engage in behavioral marketing, particularly online.

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