PCWorld Mobile Speed Tests Help Clear Up Confusion on Whose 4G is Really Fastest

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Business Wire, 3/14/11

Verizon shows blazing 4G speeds, T-Mobile impresses, as all the big carriers step up their game

With every major US wireless carrier on TV claiming their wireless service is the fastest and best, PCWorld set out with its annual, real-world mobile speed tests to shed some light on the situation. PCWorld testers hit the road to evaluate major carriers’ 3G and/or 4G service from 260 locations in 13 US cities, using both laptop modems and smartphones. They’ve shared their results in a feature story published today on PCWorld.com.

“Our annual speed test study is an important part of what we do at PCWorld”

Good news for consumers: overall, wireless data speeds have shot up. Senior editor Mark Sullivan, PCWorld’s resident 4G expert, explains, “Since this time last year, the major wireless carriers, as a group, have increased their average download speeds three-and-a-half fold, our laptop modem-based tests show, as a result of their somewhat urgent transition from 3G to 4G network technology.” Tests showed that The Big Four carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile) now have a collective average download speed of roughly 3.5 mbps in the 13 testing cities, compared to 1 mbps download speed in those cities at the beginning of 2010.

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