Internet Explorer 9 speeds past competition

The latest version of Microsoft’s browser is fast, lean and means business.

Computerworld (US), 3/16/11

Computerworld – Throw away what you think you know about Internet Explorer — because the just-released IE9 will turn it all on its ear. Think IE is sluggish? Think again, because according to SunSpider tests, it rivals or beats the speed demons Chrome and Opera. Believe that IE sports a tired-looking interface? No longer — it now has the same type of stripped-down look that Chrome originated, and that the latest version of Firefox uses as well.

IE9 (available only for Vista and Windows 7) also introduces other goodies, such as HTML5 support, Windows 7 integration, a double-duty address bar and more. It’s clearly Microsoft’s best shot at stopping the erosion of its market share by rivals Firefox and Chrome.

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