B2B Social Media Lead Generation Explained

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Brian Solis, 3/17/11

B2B social media marketing is particularly well suited for business-to-business lead generation. Business purchasing decisions are made by stakeholder committees with diverse priorities and a voracious appetite for details. Social media is the most efficient channel for committees of engineers, product developers, purchasing managers and marketers to self-educate, and a way for marketers to abbreviate sales cycles.

B2B social media makes it possible for marketers to inform communities with greater fidelity and less friction. And for most B2B marketers, snapping a blog, a Twitter feed and a SlideShare account onto the marketing department has been the logical first step. But as B2B social marketing matures, it is becoming clear that this is only one option. In this blog post, we’ll explain the three different approaches that are currently gaining traction with B2B marketers.

DIY Social Marketing – Up to know, savvy marketers have risen to the occasion by creating content themselves. They optimize, upload and fill the vacuum with details customers seek to make informed purchasing decision. Indium Corporation, a company we profiled in Social Marketing to the Business Customer — the first book devoted exclusively to B2B social media — maintains an arsenal of 17 corporate blogs to turn content into contacts into cash.

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