BPA's Hansen ponders future metrics for tablets

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Media Business, 3/17/11

As the introduction of the second version of Apple’s iPad spurs the continued adoption of wireless tablet devices, media companies wrestle with the many questions they raise. Will specialized tablet publications like News Corp.’s The Daily prove a profitable avenue? Will it become essential for every magazine brand to have a mobile app? Will it always be necessary to develop different apps for different operating systems?

Questions regarding how tablet editions will be measured as an advertising medium must also be considered, said Glenn Hansen, president-CEO of BPA Worldwide. “The metrics you’re looking at now might not be the metrics of the future,” he said. “In January 2010, we revised the definition of a magazine or newspaper to take into account the number of devices that consume these media and how publishers need to provide content suitable for each device. The second step is to start to think about usage metrics.”

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