7 ways Yahoo boosts its content (and revenue) via social media

Even the Internet giant can’t ignore the need to reach fans through Facebook and Twitter.

ragan.com, 3/22/11

If you want to see video of a Chinese pianist with no fingers on one of her hands playing “Souvenir d’enfance,” Yahoo’s got that for you.

Or if you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if a rich guy hired a bunch of men in purple jumpsuits to smash up his $750,000 Lamborghini, well, Yahoo’s got you covered there, too.

But if the Internet powerhouse didn’t promote them, these gems might remain buried in the landslide of online content. That’s why even Yahoo turns to Facebook and Twitter—and gets more eyes on its ads along the way.

“What we try to do is share and help people discover content across Yahoo” said Lucas Mast, the company’s director of corporate social media and views.

Mast spoke recently at a Ragan Social Media for PR & Corporate Communicators conference in Las Vegas, where he offered hints about why the company claims to be No. 1 globally in news, sports, finance, comparison shopping, entertainment news, television and automobile news.

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