IDC Government Insights Develops Maturity Model to Guide Government Entities in Transitioning to Smart Government

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IDC Press Release, 3/23/11

IDC Government Insights today announced the availability of a groundbreaking information technology (IT) maturity model to help government entities assess their current level of compliance with Open Government Initiatives, and to learn how governments are transcending these initiatives to better serve citizens and deliver their missions more effectively. Specifically, this new model outlines how government entities can progressively implement technology solutions to become “Smart Government.”

“Smart Government” embraces processes that use “smart” technologies to deliver optimal citizen service. Benefits to government include real-time citizen feedback and information sharing, as well as increased efficiency and responsiveness.

IDC Government Insights’ new maturity model was designed with stages of government maturation in mind, to help government agencies navigate the evolution to Smart Government successfully. Through government examples, the model assists government in learning about technology that increases government accountability, responsiveness, and transparency throughout the stages – solutions that can get the right information to and from citizens, enhance government’s ability to listen to constituents, enable government to provide accurate and relevant information to citizens, and provide citizens with end-to-end processes that often cut across government entities and levels.

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