IBM Pushes Analytics, 'Smarter Commerce' Cross-Platform

MediaPost, 3/24/11

IBM is committed to “integrating Web analytics across channels,” said Yuchon Lee, vice president/GM IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Group, and co-founder of Unica, in a keynote address at OMMA Metrics Wednesday morning. IBM, he said, has spent $2.5 billion in the space in the past year, all through acquisitions, including that of Unica, bought six months ago.

During the next four years, Lee continued, IBM plans to spend another $20 billion on such acquisitions.

Separately, on Monday, IBM launched a campaign for what it calls “Smarter Commerce,” described as a “new category” addressing “the spectrum of enterprise commerce activities — new ways to buy, sell and secure greater customer loyalty in the era of mobile and social networks.”

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