Apple Way Ahead of Tablet Competition, Expected To Hold 80 Percent Share

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian.

Wired, 3/29/11

The latest analysis from market research firm IDC shows that Apple snagged nearly three-quarters of the tablet market during the fourth quarter of 2010. Though Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab offered some competition, Apple captured 83 percent of the market for 2010, and most analysts believe that with the iPad 2, Apple can maintain about 80 percent share for 2011 as well.

IDC’s research also showed that Amazon’s Kindle continues to be a market leader, grabbing almost half of the e-reader market in fourth quarter 2010. With Amazon representing the closest competition to Apple with respect to available content and e-commerce infrastructure, Forrester researcher Sarah Rotman believes Amazon is best poised to give Apple the most credible threat to its dominating market position, assuming it could assemble a more general-purpose tablet with a color screen.

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