CMOs: Are You Walking the Social Media Walk?

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1to1 Media, 3/29/11

Most marketing leaders recognize the value for their companies to have a social media presence, even if the financial returns on those efforts aren’t easily quantifiable. It’s table stakes for companies to have a Facebook or Twitter page nowadays to further engage with customers, including providing customers with another channel to interact with them and share their experiences, good or bad. But as common as it might be for most companies to have a corporate social media imprint, many CMOs themselves lack a social presence of their own.

According to a recent study conducted by MindTouch, a social business software company, only 15 out of 143 CMOs and Chief Communication Officers (CCOs) in Fortune 100 companies have active Twitter accounts. Moreover, 15 percent of these executives have “a net zero social footprint,” according to MindTouch Executive Vice President Mark Fidelman who blogged on the results.

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