New tech powers IDG Enterprise's LeadAccel

Media Business, 4/1/11

In January, IDG Enterprise introduced LeadAccel, a new lead-generation program that provides lead nurturing and scoring, as well as consulting services. To power LeadAccel, all of the technology involved in IDG Enterprise’s lead-generation process was replaced or enhanced over a period of several months. This included the asset management system, the registration system, the campaign management system, the email system and all of the reporting and analytics systems, said Gregg Pinsky, senior VP-general manager of online operations at IDG Enterprise. (IDG Enterprise comprises CIO, the CIO Executive Council, Computerworld, CSO, Demo, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World.)

“We came out with LeadAccel to distinguish our position in the marketplace as a premium provider of leads,” Pinsky said. “We track a user’s consumption of specific types of content to see what they’re consuming, how much and how often. We score leads based on how they are moving through the [various stages of] the buying process and send them different content at different times based on their behaviors.”

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