Managing B2B Social Selling Opportunities

Social media B2B, 4/4/11

Today, in the fourth part of the Social Selling Throughout the B2B Sales Cycle series, I will focus on the opportunity management process, where a B2B sales rep’s success is measured by how quickly and frequently they can convert an opportunity into a win. As with prospecting and lead qualification, effective use of social intelligence can significantly impact sales productivity and customer engagement success in this crucial phase. Social intelligence empowers sales professionals with deeper customer insights and a more complete view into the prospect by incorporating recent business events, social conversations and social relationships.

It shouldn’t be surprising that salespeople are much more effective at each stage of the sales cycle when armed with the right intelligence. After all, today’s crazy busy Customer 2.0 is unlikely to engage with a vendor unless they are given a compelling reason to do so. Relevance – based on deep understanding of a prospect’s current business challenges and based on common interests and/or connections – enables a sales rep to engage their prospect in a productive conversation in the first place. Relevance – based on a keen understanding of the relationship social map that may impact a prospect’s ultimate purchase decision – is also very much at the core of successful opportunity management.

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