6 Ways to Use Curation for B2B Social Media

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Social Media b2b, 4/12/11

One of the continuing trends in B2B social media is curating content from other sources and presenting it to your followers and subscribers. Depending on the medium you use to present it, this may include your own comments about the curated articles. While it is important to create your own original content for your company’s social media outlets, one way to broaden the amount of content your provide to your network is to share content of others.

Curation is all about compiling and reviewing content and only sharing the best of it. Another way to curate content is to present content that is all about a single theme. Again, this would only be the best content about the theme, or maybe the most interesting or thought-provoking. The following are six ways you can use content curation in your B2B social media.

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