Twitter for Beginners and Tweet Experts

Ashley Wilson
Social Media Analyst
IDG Strategic Marketing Services

A few years ago I only vaguely knew what Twitter was. Now I’m probably the biggest Twitter advocate of my friends (I have a Twitter t-shirt and newly acquired pillow to support this). I began teaching Twitter training classes at IDG in early 2011 to help keep our editors and sales people up to date on the ever-changing social media marketing landscape.

I thought it would be helpful to share what I’ve learned with people outside of IDG.

The slideshow is split into three parts:
The first part is about Twitter basics and the pages are branded with a bluebird. Topics included in this section range from the benefits of using Twitter to how to create a strategy, to the simple steps you can take to start tweeting. Download Twitter Part 1

The second part- its pages branded by a purple bird- is tailored toward more experienced (or at least very interested) users. This part covers more in depth topics, such as how to best engage followers, how to create lists, and how you know you’re Twitter obsessed. Download Twitter Part 2

Lastly, I created a short section for reference. This section includes some very key articles to read before tweeting, as well as how to contact me. Download Twitter Part 3

You may also download all three sections in one PDF here. Download Complete Twitter Document

Hopefully you find this document useful and I look forward to connecting with you in the Twitterverse! Connect with me on Twitter

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