Accenture: High Tech Firms Need Multiple Business Models

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Brainyard, 4/20/11

One-size-fits-all won’t work any more. A tech company may need 4-5 business models to survive.

The cloud changes much more than we have been prepared to admit. Some of the possibilities are just too disruptive and jarring. (Resistance may be futile, but it’s busy, nevertheless.)

IT teams inside companies are just starting to absorb the changes cloud computing might bring. Now Accenture comes along to say the big tech vendors are underestimating the cloud. Tim Jellison, an Accenture senior executive, has not named names. But in an interview he concedes that he exempts few of the big technology companies — Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP and SAP – from being behind the curve. The convergence of technologies known as cloud computing – the multi-core servers, virtualization, global broadband networking, multi-tenant applications, the ability to grant automated access to such resources – is pushing technology companies out of the groove in which they are most comfortable.

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