QR Codes Gaining Momentum As New Engagement Channel

ClickZ, 4/20/11

Have you noticed those strange little boxes containing hundreds of little black dots filling the corner of advertisements? Almost as if someone took a traditional bar code, chopped it into a million little pieces, and put it back into the same spot? Welcome to the strange new world of Quick Response (QR) codes. These two-dimensional bar codes are making waves as advertisers seek new ways to make traditional print and billboard advertising more engaging – and find new channels to deliver a custom experience to users on the go.

QR Codes Come in All Shapes and Sizes

A life-size QR code was displayed on one of the walls of Madison Square Garden as part of a campaign for a new dinosaur exhibit. Scanning the code took you to the campaign microsite and allowed you to register your biggest “dinosaur roar.” The wow factor – a life-size dinosaur was embedded in the QR code.

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