Best practices for repurposing content

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BtoB, 4/21/11

Creating original content for an email newsletter can make the average marketer feel a bit like Sisyphus, the Greek king who was forced to spend eternity pushing a boulder up a very steep mountain. Those marketers that need to take a break from content creation—even for a single week—can look to previously published content as a source of respite as long as they repurpose with a few best practices in mind, said Dan Forootan, CEO of email marketing provider StreamSend. “There’s no shame in reusing content, especially if you’re in a situation where your newsletter is generally known for fresh content,” he said. Forootan provided the following tips:

Use analytics to direct content replay. Many newsletters are jampacked with links and stories, many of which never get clicked on or read, Forootan said. “The ones at the top are the ones that get the most play,” he said. Evaluating email and website analytics will help marketers identify good content that readers may have missed because of its position within a template. It can also help them find stories for a “best of” newsletter—articles that were so popular they’re worth repeating. In some cases, marketers may want to create a regular section of their email newsletters dedicated to the most popular content, especially if they’re adding new subscribers on a regular basis.

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