Social Brand Identity is Fracturing – Creating Socially Friendly Brands

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MediaBizBloggers, 4/21/11

Wendy Clark SVP Marketing – Coca Cola unveiled statistics at the Ad Age Digital Conference in NYC last week with profound consequences. She revealed that last year Coke tracked 146 million downloads of Coke related content on YouTube. Only 26 million of those were of Coke created content.

Over 120 million views were of content created by people not related to Coke.

These are big numbers with big meaning for all of us. So many people creating and experiencing content about Coke not created by Coke. What is Coke to do… what are we to do for our brands? It is interesting that this did not get much attention but not surprising as it upsets the applecart’s of those who think they are in charge.

According to Wendy… “We must meet people at their truth, on what is important to them and work back to ours. If I can’t connect on their truth we don’t get through.” Wendy is learning the lessons of this shift.

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